Thursday, September 23, 2010

Postmodern Mutilation of the Bible

The following dialogue is from a CNN interview between Larry King and Jennifer Knapp. I am not picking on her because she recently came out that she is gay. I would like to share some thoughts on this but that conversation is for another day in another post. The reason I am sharing this interview is because it is yet another example of a Christian (or at least someone claiming to be a Christian) going on the Larry King show and completely misrepresenting the faith. In this case, she is articulating a thoroughly postmodern, relativist approach to the Bible which should not be held by any orthodox Christian. She presents an absolutely mutilated viewpoint of the authority of Scripture. Furthermore, she tries to act like she is knowledgeable by mentioning the Greek text of Scripture, but clearly she does not have a orthodox view of the Bible. You cannot just "read your own interpretation" into the Bible.

Finally, if any of you talk to Larry King...tell him I would love to come on the show and finally present an accurate view of what it means to be a Christian. I don't presume to represent Christianity because I am without sin, but precisely because I acknowledge I am a sinner. Larry please have me on your show and I will tell you how much of a mess I am, and how great my Savior is. Please, Please....Larry, bring a Christian on your show who can actually articulate the gospel.

KING: No problem for you to be Christian and gay.

KNAPP: Not with myself personally, no.

KING: You don't feel that your Bible speaks against it. Or, do you?

KNAPP: Well, I think there's plenty of evidence in my exploration of my faith through the sacred text of the Holy Bible that I have definitely recognized that we are somewhat at the handicap of our own interpretations of a sacred text. Let's take for example the original Greek translation of which I am no academic scholar of. Yet, you know, we all know that any time that we read a book or we read any kind of word, that it becomes the interpretation of our life's experience, what we want to bring out of that.

And so, I mean, in the long run, I don't have the greatest deal of problems with it because there are other -- there are not -- I'm not the only person in the universe that's ever, you know, looked at, you know, a different interpretation. We have --

KING: We can read things into any things.

KNAPP: Yes, doesn't make the truth any less the truth or love any less love.
This portion of the transcript from the show was taken from:

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